Here you can find the basic information about The Amateur Challenge in English. You also have a translator to every language in all the pages of the site.

Do not hesitate to contact us (amateurcrosstrainingchallenge@gmail.com) if you have any doubts.


This is the new challenge for competitors and non-competitors, a league made for everyone. And this edition is free. It is an opportunity to join forces and defend the colors of your box.

A participant-friendly format league specially design to unite people that love this sport all around the world.

Winning is possible, participate the reward!

You can compete for you, for your box or for both. It does not matter your level, really, you have your place here.


3 individual categories: both Female and Male.

From the beginners level to the more pro athletes. See where you fit better. There is, for sure, a place for you.

Scaled: This category is designed for every athlete who wants to have a good time between colleagues, see how a competition works and how he/she does in one.

The athlete must know how to do simple exercises, such as box jumps, squats, pushups (with knees if necessary), pull ups (with rubber if necessary), wall balls, deadlift, kettlebell swings, sit ups… Simple exercises, without complexity.

YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! And you will be allowed to scale the wod, just in case you needed.

If you need bigger challenges, prove the next one:

Intermediate: In this category some more complex movements will be required, both halter and gymnastics.

The athlete must know how to do squat clean, full snatch, jerk, pull ups, chest to bar, handstand pushups with ab-matt… No muscle ups will be requested either in ring or in bar, and the halter exercises in the wod will not pass around 50 kg men, 25 kg women, if there are many repetitions. Unless a part of the wod asks for an RM, or very few repetitions. Some of the exercises might be allowed to be scaled.

You believe you can do even better, try the hardest one:

RX: Athletes in this category must know how to perform all gymnastic and halter movements. The weights that have to be moved with solvency are at least 60 kg. men, 40 kg. women. Although, this does not prevent that in some wod this weight can be higher.


– 10 WOD (monthly or bimonthly), starting September 1st.

– You can eliminate your worst result of all of them.

– Every WOD will be published the first day of each month.

– You have the whole month (two months) to send your result. If you improve your time you can send it again, so do not wait until last day if you have already done a good mark.

We believe that honesty is a cornerstone of sports values, so you will not need to record your performance. However, the organization has the right to ask any participant to send prove of the result. Therefore, if you have recorded on advanced great, if not, do not worry you can do it now (the time has to be similar, not exactly the same in this case).


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